My friends, find out about American football? NFL is the largest professional American football league, National Football League is one of the four major North American professional sports. Union with 32 teams from USA composed of different regions and cities.

Players in the game when you have to wear a Jersey to play, as a fan you can wear your favorite team's jersey to support them, this is the simplest and most direct way, but football is also particularly popular in Europe and America Many people like to play football, so a jersey is very important.


2014 NFL preseason in the first week of the season to continue to compete, the last Super Bowl resist Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos stop again. Seahawks big score after the Super Bowl, the Broncos team in the game showed a strong fighting spirit. Finally, armed Yongming Denver Broncos sitting at home with 9:16 p.m. victory over defending champion Seattle Seahawks, has made the preseason opener. You will find many fans are wearing Denver Broncos Jersey to the field to watch the game.